Haley Potter McDaniel – Supervisor of Postal Services at UNG

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Haley Potter McDaniel – Supervisor of Postal Services at UNG

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Haley Potter McDaniel, the esteemed Supervisor of Postal Services at the University of North Georgia (UNG). With a dynamic leadership style and a commitment to excellence, Haley oversees postal operations across UNG’s five campuses, ensuring seamless mail services for the university community.

Haley Potter McDaniel working in UNG's mailroom

Haley's journey to leadership

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from UNG in 2013, Haley has brought her expertise and passion for efficiency to her role as Supervisor of Postal Services. Leading a team of both full-time professionals and student employees, she fosters a culture of excellence and teamwork, ensuring the campus postal services operate smoothly and effectively.

Haley’s dedication to her profession extends beyond her university duties. Recently elected to the President Elect position of the College and University Mail Services Association (CUMSA), Haley demonstrates her commitment to advancing the field and fostering collaboration among industry professionals. This year, CUMSA will hold its annual conference in Sarasota, Florida, from April 7th to 10th, promising an enriching experience for all attendees. For more information on the conference, visit their site!

Praise from peers

Colleagues commend Haley for her exceptional leadership and professionalism. One colleague remarks, “In all of my interactions with Haley and Postal Services, I have always known her and her staff to be courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient.” Another adds, “She is an effective leader and a consummate professional. It has been a privilege to work with her at UNG.” They regard her as a curious and lifelong learner, highlighting her as a valuable asset to the institution.

Haley’s dedication to professional development is evident in her commitment to fostering growth and positive experiences among her staff. She provides ongoing training and feedback, ensuring that her team members thrive both personally and professionally. Moreover, Haley’s leadership extends beyond her department; she actively participates in the Food Pantry Executive Committee and contributes to the Staff Council, showing her commitment to the broader university community.

Awards and accolades

Under Haley’s supervision, UNG Postal Services earned the prestigious Ralph Yates Golden Stamp of Approval Award in 2023, a testament to their commitment to excellence in postal operations. On a personal level, Haley herself was recognized with the esteemed CUMSA Presidential Award, further highlighting her dedication to the postal services industry. Additionally, Valarie Green, assistant postal supervisor, secured the CUMSA Outstanding Team Member Award, showcasing the collaborative spirit within the Postal Services team. Check out the full article highlighting these spectacular achievements from UNG’s Newsroom.

Achieving excellence

In summary, Haley Potter McDaniel epitomizes excellence in leadership and service within the postal services industry and the broader university community. Her dedication, professionalism, and commitment to continuous improvement make her a standout leader at the University of North Georgia.

We extend our congratulations to Haley on her achievements and look forward to witnessing her continued success in the future!

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